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Meridian Therapy Techniques
(MTT Basics)

"The cause of negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system� Gary Craig, EFT Founder

Stated differently, every negative emotion we experience, including depression, anger, frustration, stress, grief, anxiety, fear, etc., is a result of a blockage somewhere in the body's energy system. Energy is carried by the body's meridian system throughout the body, in the same way that arteries and vessels carry blood. When that energy is blocked or disrupted by a traumatic or unpleasant event (like being the last one to be picked for the class game, being slapped by your significant other, being humiliated by the boss at work, or traumatized by your own child), we may feel a negative emotion - like embarrassment, anger or hurt.

However, the process is not quite that simple. For the insult to occur, which would most likely lead to anger, there would have to be an energy disruption somewhere in the body�s pathways. It is this disruption that causes the negative emotion of anger...not the insult itself.

In other words, it's the disruption of our energy that causes the negative emotion. So rather than just the cause and affect or insult = anger, it's insult + energy disruption = anger. That is why the same event (an intended insult) can be viewed differently by different people. When one is insulted and the other is not.

Think about this...When our blood vessels are broken we bleed, and when our energy system is "broken" or disrupted we experience a negative emotion. This is newfound information (only about 25 years ago was this realized, although knowledge of the meridian system is thousands of years old). If this equation is true (and we've found that it is), then the logical conclusion is, that if we can dissipate the energy disruption, the resulting negative emotion will be eliminated as well. And that's just what happens with the use any of serveral Meridian Techniqes such as EFT.

There are actually several Meridian or Energy-based Therapies available today, of which Emotional Freedom Techniques, founded by Gary Craig, is the largest, fastest growing, is one. It has been called needle-less acupressure, because you simply tap or touch very lightly on specific meridian points, mostly on the upper body and face, sending small shock waves or soothing pulses throughout the meridian system.

By performing this systematic stimulating or tapping of the meridian points while addressing a specific problem, the emotional issue gradually disappears. This simple process balances and re-energizes the system, often in a matter of minutes, clearing blockages and dissipating the negative emotions as you do so.

But here's the thing... you can read about MTT until the cows come home, but to experience this extraordinary could change your life. That's why I'm here. Give me a call and we can get you started right away. You can learn the basics in the first session and start reaping the benefits of this amazing tool so you can change your life!

The best way to experience MTT the first time is with an experienced MTT practitioner. Any of the MTT can help you to: Lose Weight; eliminate limiting Self-Beliefs, achieve life goals, enjoy loving and rewarding relationships, develop confidence and self-esteem, overcome fears and phobias; eliminate panic attacks, use the law of attraction to invite prosperity into your life. Look at our product line for help with these issues and more. To get started today, call and schedule an appointment email Adonai Group or call (832) 643.8491. Yes, MTT can help in all these areas, let us help you transform, de-stress and live peacefully one day a. However, if you prefer you can read a more detailed explanation in the free ebook. It is a fantastic, clever, and simple explanation of EFT. Free EFT Manual

Will It Work For You ...

There is no guarantee that MTT or any other method will work for everyone all of the time. My experience over the past three years with over a hundred different clients has been a success rate of over 85% with relieving emotional issues. This seems to be in line with other experience practitioners. Keep in mind that most people who come to a Life Coach practicing MTT have only found out about this work after trying many other things that did not work. So this makes the results even more impressive.

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