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30 Days to a Stress Free Life

Donít take someone elseís word for it...
Experience the power and simplicity of EFT for yourself

You have at your fingertips what I have learned about using EFT for Stress Relief - both personally and professionally - into one easy to understand e-course. By using 30 days to lasting Stress Relief, you will discover that in addition to reducing stress in the moment (whether its 2 AM or 2 PM), you will learn how to eliminate thought patterns and painful memories that keep you from being joyful. I have broken the information up into 5 easy to understand sessions.

This way, you get to try out the information each week and build on your successes. Here's what you get when you sign up for EFT for Stress Relief: 30 days to lasting freedom from stress:

When you sign up, you get your first session within via email and when you perform the detailed techniques you can start feeling better right now.

Then over the next 28 days, you will get 4 additional sessions via email (7, 14, 21, and 28 days after you sign up). Each session builds on the previous and contains detailed information as to how to use the techniques and gives many, many examples " You will learn in detail how to apply the techniques to your own life situation. Here are the basics of each session:

Session 1: Learn the basics of EFT and how to incorporate them into your busy daily schedule. Get comfortable with the tapping points. Learn how to release the stress you are feeling RIGHT NOW.
Session 2: You will learn to uncover the reasons why your stressors cause you stress, how to uncover hidden emotions and aspects, how to neutralize bad memories.
Session 3: You will learn how to use EFT to create more of the feelings and emotions that you DO want your life to be full of.
Session 4: You will learn 3 advanced EFT techniques
Session 5: This session wraps everything up and helps you create your own EFT program

Here are a couple of highlights from the sessions:
* #1 Roadblock to relieving stress Why most attempts at changing your stress levels fail(Session 2)
* The Hardest question to answer, but answering it will turn around your approach to life (Session #3)
* What is your worst memory? Imagine what you would feel like if you could release the pain and hurt from that event? (Session 4)

At the end of 30 days, you will have an entire toolbox full of techniques and strategies to use to both neutralize stress when it happens AND to release hidden thoughts and beliefs that create stress in the first place. What makes this different than the EFT I teach you on this site and in my Healing the Hurt monthly newsletters?

Throughout the entire 30 day e-course you get to work directly with me!

When you use the free EFT resources that are available on the internet, you have to figure out yourself how to apply it to your own issues. Throughout the entire time you are receiving this e-course, I make myself available to answer your questions. Simply email me your questions and I will respond with more explanation, suggestions for specific EFT statements, encouragement, and celebration as you successfully remove your negative thoughts and emotions.

I believe so strongly that you should and can experience the relief that EFT brings, that I don't want there to be any roadblocks. So, even though I have worked really hard to put lots and lots of help into the e-course itself, I want you to get help directly from me.

I really want this to work for you.

Are you ready?

Yes, Estell, I am ready to start my 30 day e-course and begin feeling more in control right now! I understand that for $99 I get:

5 full sessions of information - one today via email, and one each week for the next 4 weeks by email. By the end of 30 days, I will have the entire detailed information about how I can create lasting freedom from stress I also understand that I will have the opportunity to work directly with you, through email.

When you register, you get a private email only for clients that are registered for this e-course.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course before you receive the 2nd session, you may ask for a complete and total refund of your purchase price. No questions asked.

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Register before March 31, 2009 and save 21% only $79.00
Office hours by appointment only (CST) M-F. You can always leave messages after hours via email you will be contacted the next business day.