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A Sudden Loss?

Overnight your life changed? He was there and then he wasn’t. Everything reminds you of them.

So Many questions.

What do you do?
What should you do?
Are you willing to do to start over again?
Can you start over?
Do you have a choice?

If you are like most, it hurts to much to think about.
Fear and uncertainity are constant companions.

Change is never easy. A sudden lost is especially not easy. That’s ok. And it is ok to is a normal part of life.

But then what?
Get up and go on with life, he would have wanted that.

We’re not designed to forget, but we are designed to grow.

Wouldn’t he be proud of you that you have what it takes to keep on growing?

Well you can. “Remembering a smile is like holding sunshine in your hand.”

Great News:

Adonai Group Inc., is hosting a 3 hour seminar on “Overcoming Loss”. The session is limited to 16 participants who will be fortunate to attend this life-changing seminar. This means, of course, that those special few are going to get a lot more personal attention and specific problem-solving interaction than can typically be delivered in our always-oversold classes. So if you’ve ever considered how you will be able to go on, now’s the time.

As a matter of fact, just to make sure that this session stays small (an announcement like this could trigger a ton of registrations), we're limiting this session to only 16 students. Consequently, the online registration interface has been programmed to accept no more than 16 students for this special, high-touch session. What an opportunity.

Don't Wait, register today.

EFT Grief Protocol $14.95

Already familiar with EFT. Use this protocol to help overcome feelings of anxiety, stress, and tension. Overcoming your grief, does not mean that you don't miss or love him/her. You can choose to remember the good times and things about them and feel better today.

Download this protocol to feel better.

Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm by appointment only (CST) M-F. You can always leave messages after hours via email you will be contacted the next business day.

Estell Porter, Life Coach, EFT-ADV Practitioner

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