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EFT Over the Telephone (Phone EFT)

Phone EFT, as the word suggests delivered over your phone is a highly effective way to use EFT, particularly if you are suffering from acute anxiety or any kind of social phobia.

Not to mention the very obvious time advantage, no travel, nor time and expense to and from the therapist.

I have found it can work wonders in emergencies... particularly if you are suffering from exam fear, fear of public speaking, acrophobia, panic attacks, or indeed any condition which may require instant attention.

Wherever you are (provided you have access to a telephone) you may be helped literally 'on the spot'.

I have brought noticeable relief to people who are experiencing traumatic circumstances within as little as 5 minutes using EFT over the telphone. This enabled them to leave their homes to travel, face difficult encounters with spouses, giving that speech etc.

Advantages of Phone EFT

I love working with people over the telephone, in fact I have found it often more effective and faster than meeting with my clients.

There are a number of reasons for this.

Clients tend to be more relaxed and comfortable in their own familiar surroundings when receiving therapy over the phone.

Distractions are minimal and we both can concentrate exclusively on the task at hand:

Interestingly I found that people tend to be more honest in their telephone sessions. Honesty being an important pre-requisite for fast and effective treatment with EFT.

The anonymity provided by the phone surely is the main reason for that as it helps people to feel in control and open up knowing that we will never meet face to face.

About 75 % of my work is done over the telephone.

How does Phone EFT Work?

Ideally you call or e-mail me for an appointment.

I will always do my utmost to accommodate you in emergencies, but please be understanding if this is not possible (due to commitments, or our different time zones).

However, should that situation arise, and if necessary I may be able to refer you to a trusted college.

Telephone sessions are charged for in either 30 min or 60 min increments and are paid for in advance.

Contact me for more information or to arrange your Telephone EFT session/s.

Call or Email today for an appointment

Office hours by appointment only (CST) M-F. You can always leave messages after hours at:( 832) 643-8491 or via email you will be contacted the next business day.

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